Fan based content fact :

48% of customers

say that FBC is a great way to discover new products.

Great for

Every year, in every deal your key sponsors ask ‘where is the added value’.

Great for

Every year, in every deal your key sponsors ask ‘where is the added value’.

TV audiences are in decline, you only have a set number of players on the pitch, or tickets for the event. What do you say?

Filmily plugs the gap, it gathers the unique moments of magical fan-based content from your events, understands it and curates beautiful content from it.

This content is priceless to a brand, it enables them to deepen their relationship with you, the event and their audience.

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Why rights holders need Filmily?

Brands sponsor your events for the positive association that relationship delivers.
People know who IBM, Rolex, BMW and Greenpeace are, they don’t need to increase awareness. They need to increase consideration and sales.
A deeper more meaningful association with content that is pertinent and relevant is key and this is what Filmily delivers.

Filmily Key Features

Filmily is a platform which is pushing the boundaries of what is capable with content.
Our patented algorithms take thousands of hours of footage, filter it, understand it and curate stunning fan-based branded content.

Image recognition

The ‘Lost Art’ of content. Finding the magical moments.

  • What are your audience/spectators doing?
  • How are they interacting and enjoying the event?
  • Can I see my event from the fans-eye?

Filmily makes this all possible.

Location Location Location

We know everything about the content.

Movement, direction, angle, zoom, speed, shakiness; and we capture it every second. This allows us to answer an infinite amount of questions:

  • Was the camera pointing at the goal, finish line or, a sponsor banner?
  • Where were they standing when they recorded it?
  • Were they walking about, spinning round or jumping?

We know this, in detail.

What is in it

It's great to know everything about the person filming, but what were they filming?

We also know this.

  • Were they filming a crowd, a horse, a bike or themselves?
  • Was this a long sweeping shot?
  • Were they chasing an F1 car or a Horse?
  • Was it a stage, bar or a man in a café?
  • How many faces were there?

If there is something in the video, we log it, tag it, and let you find it.

Its Emotional

People are critical to any event, brand or sponsor.

So we need to know who they are. Not by name of course, but demographics are an amazing way to understand the link between you and your fans.

  • Are they male or female?
  • How old are they?
  • Do they have a beard, glasses, or hat?
  • Were they happy, sad, crying, shouting, or laughing?
  • Have we seen them before?

This data is amazing, we know more about the event than otherwise possible. We learn, we improve, we tell you more about the people who make the sponsorship valuable.