Filmily News We are at SXSW!

Tuesday 19 October 2021

Representing the UK Tech Industry

Filmily is representing the very best of the UK tech industry at SXSW 2021.

We are delighted to be one of the limited amount of companies selected by the Department of International Trade.

Filmily is the most advanced fan engagement platform in the world. We help you connect, engage and commercialise your fans from across the globe.

We are not just a make good solution during Covid. Filmily is designed to make better. Our technology is built to sustain a long-term engagement with fans from all over the world with the sports and brands they love.

What is FILMILY?

AI Generated Content

Using the power of your fans phone camera, and a very clever bit of AI, we collect 1,000s of bits of content. Filmily then understands everything that was recorded, tags it and automatically generates bespoke films and mosaics of real fan reactions for distribution in stadia, on traditional broadcast and across social media. Our platform delivers;

Branded Fan Based Content

Amazing short films based on custom campaigns. We regonise brands, demogrphics, locations, time and a bunch of other cool stuff. We then add a soundtrack, sponsor branding and make it ready for use. We do all of this in minutes.

Curated Stories

We take text, photos and videos. We merge them with your own content and graphics, to create a beautiful story for each and every fan to own and share. Think Kiss Cam on steroids!

Stadium Mosaics

We breathe life back into stadiums, we digitally fill them with real fans and real reactions. We create mosaics of any size and any dimension, designed to fit on any screen. We geotag, understand demographics and emotions enabling us to broadcast relevant audiences.

Audio Streams

If you want the audio stream to come into the stadium, or over the broadcast stream, we can create it. You can have a new fresh audio for each and every event, generated by your fans.

Personalised Content for every Fan

Fans love to be in content, and they love to share it. We can automatically curate and send a personal, unique piece of content to each and every fan that interacts with us. Watch yourselves go viral!

Engage sports fans around the world.