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it works

It’s not just magic, it just feels like magic

it works

It’s not just magic, it just feels like magic
Events are a moment in time, when they are live they are all-consuming but they soon become yesterday’s news.

Filmily allows the event to live and breathe long after its finished. All those magical moments, captured, found, edited and broadcast.

The content will make people emotional, count the days to the next one, keep it all front of mind.

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What is Filmily?

Filmily is a unique, patented platform that grabs thousands of hours of footage from thousands of mobile phones and understands what’s in the content. It takes those amazing snippets of content, stitches it with other content, adds logos, sponsor banners, credits and curates amazing films.

How to use Filmily


Before an event, the Filmily camera can be inserted into your app. This allows your users to record content directly from our app, without having to close it. If you don’t have an app, we have one we can brand and make it feel like yours.

The benefits of this include:-

  • Before an event people get your brand on the phone desktop
  • A great marketing campaign can be used to attract interest
  • Fans can be rewarded for capturing content
  • Rights to the content are with the event.


Its ok to have lots and lots of footage, but can prove time consuming and makes creating films costly. Currently event owners have to scour social media to find footage, then find the owner and contact them. This is painfully slow, hard to make work, and only allows access to that content which is uploaded.

Filmily solves this by:

  • Allowing all content to be captured before being put on social media
  • Tagging the content so it's easy to search
  • Filtering the content by location, direction, speed and more.
  • Find demographics in the footage
  • Find brands in the footage.


The filmily brain works with your campaigns to filter content, cut the content and stitch it together. The brain is our AI for making content better and better. Advantages include.

  • Automatically segmenting content
  • Learning what makes a great shot in a particular environment
  • Finding brands, people, objects in content.
  • Adding in logos, pre and post rolls.


Once the content is ready, it can be published to social media or TV, wherever you wish. There is no limit to the number of films made to broadcast, unless you call your imagination a limit.

Where to use Filmily

Filmily works in any situation where people are recording. Any sporting event, music event, show or festival. Filmily allows events to be social, link with fans, and create great content to keep sponsors happy.

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