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About the event

May 2018
The elite of the worlds 7’s teams battle it out in London.

The HSBC London Super 7’s is part of a global series of events run by world Rugby featuring the very best of the world’s 7’s rugby teams.

The content Filmily produced from the HSBC London Sevens gave a perfect fan's eye view of what it is like to be at this incredible event.

Ewan Turney
Head of Content and Campaigns - Rugby Football Union.

Event overview

The elite of the worlds 7’s teams battle it out in London.

  • Since 2009 the event has been sponsored by HSBC as part of a multi-million-pound association with World Rugby.
  • It is a rugby event like no other. The high-octane games are end-to end and fast and furious.
  • The brief was to bring the event to life and show the enjoyment of being at this extraordinary series and encourage more spectators to the 2-day event.
  • The event draws an incredibly enthusiastic crowd, who dress up as everything from Banana’s, Roman Gladiators to Super Mario….
  • England Rugby wanted to share that passion.
  • We combined dancing crowds, cut in featured footage of the games and celebrations in and around the stadium to create incredibly compelling and engaging content.
  • Filmily collects the content in real time and can start curating films straight away. England Rugby were able to use the films in social media throughout the first day of the event to encourage spectators to join them on the second day.
  • Over the 2 days of the event 263 clips were filmed producing 4 campaign films.

The Challenge

Share the passion.

Upload, tag and create films

Upload the clips and tag automatically to enable shareable films to be created.

  • Upload clips
  • Tag clips
  • Create films

Filmily delivers

England Rugby were delighted with the content.


England Rugby briefed us to create content on the following points:

  • Enthusiastic crowds
  • High Octane Rugby
  • Interaction with Sponsors

The value

Empowering Sponsorship.

HSBC London 7’s

England Rugby saw immediate value and benefit from the content and it was used on day 1 of the event to drive traffic to day 2. It will also form a central part of their digital media strategy in the lead up to the games in 2019.

The films have been shared with the media agencies for the sponsors, they concluded that the content added fundamental value to future sponsorship discussions.

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