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About the event

December 2018
The world’s first release of a Filmily app to the general public.

The annual game at Twickenham of Wasps vs Harlequins. This games is the biggest in the calendar for both teams with attendance of over 70,000. We were very happy for this to be the first public usage of our Filmily platform.

Supporter-based content is really important for us to create a deeper connection with our audiences and putting them at the heart of our campaigns, Filmily enables us to capture all those unique moments that makes being a Harlequins supporter so special.

Cordelia Brown
Harlequins - Marketing Manager

Event overview

The Big Game

  • Big Game 11 was the world’s first release of a Filmily app to the general public.
  • Harlequins encouraged fans to download the camera and record the best moments of their day for a chance to win a Harlequins signed shirt and ball.
  • A bespoke Harlequins version of Filmily was created and put into the Google and Apple stores for fans to download prior to the event.
  • The event draws an incredible crowd, it is a real social occasion, promoting the very best in sport and entertainment
  • The app was downloaded by over 250 users, with 200 individual films created on the day which resulted in some great content for Quins to use to promote the rest of the season.
  • In 24 hours on Twitter alone the first 4 films have had over 5,000 views.

The Challenge

To get the loyal fans of Harlequins to download the Harlequins Fan Cam and record some amazing moments of their day at Twickenham.

It only took a Tweet

The team at Harlequins put out a tweet asking for the fans to install the app and record their day.

  • Over 500 fans installed the Fan Cam
  • Over 600 videos were uploaded into the Filmily platform
  • People recorded not just in the stadium, but on route to the game

Filmily delivers

Our Platform started working as soon as the content was with us. Every piece, analysed, logged and ready to use.


The content we created needed to show the spirit of the day.

  • We agreed to create 8 films for social distribution
  • These were ready the same day as the event
  • All branded with Harlequins

The value

Harlequins needed to see the value of Fan-Based content. We delivered this to the extent we will now be at all home games in the 2019/2020 season.

The Big Game

Facebook and Twitter broadcast.

  • Harlequins tweeted 4 films
  • These have had over 12,000 views
  • Fans have uniformly given a positive response to the content.

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