Fan based content fact :

29% increase in web conversions

opposed to campaigns or websites without FBC.

About the event

March 2018
The festival is the highlight of the jump season, the pinnacle event of the year with an atmosphere like no other.

It celebrates the very best of jump racing as the finest horses, jockeys, owners and trainers battle it out for the highest racing honours.

Filmily is a powerful and interesting tool for enabling Cheltenham to access and monetise fan based content on a global scale.

Matthew Foxton Duffy
Regional Head of Marketing – The Jockey Club

Event overview

Worlds first trial of Filmily at the Cheltenham Festival 2018.

  • Horse racing is the UK’s second biggest spectator sport and the Festival attracts 270,000 racegoers.
  • We provided the Festival with a bespoke version of the Filmily platform that was used to generate fan-based content over the 4 days of the event.
  • The brief was to create fun engaging content that showed the very best of the Festival.
  • We blended the emotion of the racing, with the cheering crowd's hats in the air as the horses thundered past.
  • Guinness, a key sponsor of the festival creates a separate village at the racecourse during the event.
  • Our geo location technology, combined with patented demographic, emotion and brand detection enabled us to create highly emotive content showing crowds celebrating the full emotion of the day all within the confines of the Guinness village.
  • Over the 4 days of the event 2000 clips were filmed producing 60 campaign films.

The Challenge

Finding the content which is 'gold dust'.

Upload, tag and create films

Upload the clips and tag automaticallly to enable shareable films to be created.

  • Upload clips
  • Tag clips
  • Create films

Filmily delivers

The trial delivered everything it set out to do, without a hitch.


The Cheltenham Festival briefed Filmily to create films from content based on the following three points:

  • Interaction with Sponsors
  • Crowd celebrations
  • Entertainment

The value

An essential tool for event campaigns realised.

Cheltenham Festival

The Cheltenham Festival and their owners the Jockey Club saw immediate value in the content and it will form a central part of their digital media campaign in the lead up to the 2019 festival.

The Jockey Club are seeking an exclusive 18-month agreement to roll out Filmily to their 16 Racecourses in the UK.

The Films have been shared with the media agencies for the sponsors and also the Jockey Club themselves. The agencies concluded that this type of ‘fan based content’ is like gold dust to brands and rights holders.

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